Inside cobot's head

What you see below you is one representation of the social relationships inside cobot's head. Each node in this graph is a person. The color represents communicative style, translated into HSV space. One dimension measures the amount of interaction generated by that player while another measures the ratio of speech actions (eg "say") to non-speech actions (eg "hug" or "kick"). The third dimension is held constant to provide uniform brightness.

Red-purple colors tend to be players who are average interactors, and who interact mainly through speaking; yellow, a normal interactors, but through non-speech acts; blue, heavy interactors through speaking; and green heavy non-speaking interactors. Although it doesn't look like it, there are thousands of nodes in this graph, and many, many thousands of connections. The connections are directional: there is an arrow from one player to his or her top players (specifically, an arrow points from A to B, if B is in the top 25% of all of A's interactions.

This graph has many interesting properties. For example, there are very few hubs (ie nodes with many out connections). In fact, the average number of out connections is 1.3, with a maximum of 2 or 3. On the other hand there are a few key authorities (ie nodes with many in connections). For example, cobot has 288 at last count, with HFh (creator Charles Isbell) trailing behind at 151. After the top ten or so players, those numbers drop quickly. If you look at the top eleven players, by the way, you will noticed that they form a densely connected graph. The most "popular" players tend to interact with each other a great deal. If you remove them from the graph, it collapses. What is also interesting about these authorities is that they tend to be colored differently than the average player, often exhibiting greater use of non-verbal actions, for example.